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Denys was born and raised in the Crimea. From an early age he painted a lot, later began to create graffiti. The passion for street art has grown into something more than a hobby. In 2011 he entered the Crimean Art School named after Samokysh. In March 2014, he moved to Lviv. Where he continued to study and work.

Since 2016, Metelіn have been a resident of the art association “Farbanovyi lys”. Together with the residents of the gallery he traveled different cities of Ukraine and created murals (Lviv, Slovyansk, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kalush, Lutsk etc.) and participated in many exhibitions. In 2017, he graduated from Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after Trush at the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting. Also, in 2020, he graduated from the Department of Art at the University of Opole.

Born1994CityCrimeaCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


  • 2022 joint exhibition “Muses are not silent” exhibition curator Pavlo Gudimov (Lviv, UA)
    2022 joint exhibition UART + The art of peace (Houston, TX, USA)
    2022 joint exhibition “Artfront” project of the gallery Dzyga (Lviv, UA)
    2022 joint exhibition UART at the One art space gallery (NY USA)
    2022 joint exhibition “Ukrainian Collage” at the Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum
  • 2021 exposition of the project “Decommunization”  at Dzyga (Lviv, UA)
    2021 created murals “Decommunization” in gallery 4\8 (Lutsk, UA)
    2021 created the installation “Perekotypole” within the project “Steppe”(Gonchar Museum Kyiv, UA)
    2021 painted a bus within the festival “Avantard” X “Alarm” (Palace of Arts, Lviv, UA)
    2021 participation in the street art festival “Alarm” (Slavsko, UA)
    2021 joint exhibition “Stereotype” in Ukrainian house (Kyiv, UA)
    2021 joint exhibition in Porokhova vezha (Lviv, UA)
    2021 personal exhibition “Decommunization” at the Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakiv (Lutsk, UA)
  • 2020 installation in the Dzyga Gallery within the Avangard Festival (Lviv, UA)
    2020 mural at the Lviv Street Gallery within the project Equilibrium
    2020 10*4-meter canvas for the Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakіv (Lutsk, UA)
    2020 biography project in Dzyga Gallery (Lviv, UA)
    2020-2017 participation in the graffiti festival Alarm (UA)
    2020 joint exhibition in the Street gallery Injection (Lviv, UA)
  • 2019 participation in the project To be ruined the art of transition Jam factory/Farbovanyi lys (Lviv, UA)
    2019 Biography project within the framework of the II Biennial of Young Art (Kharkiv, UA)
    2019 joint exhibition Transfer przestrzeni Aneks Gallery (Opole, Poland)
    2019 joint exhibition Illustragan galleria MBP (Opole, Poland)
    2019 personal exhibition Biography 4\8 gallery (Lutsk, UA)
    2019 participant of the joint exhibition (P)Arty Hard (Wroclaw, Poland)
    2019 personal exhibition Biography in A4 gallery (Opole, Poland)
    2019 created an animated film 2027 (Lviv, UA)
  • 2018 curator of the art residence in Zhovkva (UA)
    2018 Cube project in Zhovkva Castle (UA)
    2018 personal exhibition Lost Paradise in Bunkermuse Gallery (Ternopil, UA)
    2018 project within the Workshop of the City Street-art on electric transport (Lviv)
  • 2017 Labyrinth project at the Rema factory with Nestor Lisovsky (Lviv, UA)
    2017 personal exhibition Lost Paradise in the gallery Farbovanyi Lys (Lviv, UA)
    2017 mural New Life for a tram stop as part of the City Workshop (Lviv, UA)
  • 2016 resident of the gallery Farbovanyi lys (Lviv, UA)
    2016 Gallery under the bridge mural triptychs Saints (Lviv, UA)
    2016 mural Lost Elysium in Lviv Street Gallery (UA)
    2016 mural in the Lesya Ukrainka Theater as part of the Lesya Theater residence (Lviv, UA)
    2016 resident of Galicia Cult – wall painting at the Turbo Atom plant (Kharkiv, UA)
    2016 participation in the joint exhibition Street Alphabet (UA)

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    The passion for street art has grown into something more than a hobby

    Many of the artist’s works were created on city walls. The main motive of creativity: globalization and the search for their place in the world. I am very interested in architecture and urban planning. In recent years, I have become more immersed in myself, researching and analyzing my history. One of my last big projects was “Biography,” in which I combined my thoughts and feelings about the annexation of Crimea by Russia. This project became: an autobiographical story, a comic book, and a living icon.

    The canvas is inspired by today’s events around Ukraine. The symbols present at work tell about the history of modern Ukraine – a country that is forced to fight. At the head of the girl is the date of 2014, which is forever carved with a knife in our hearts. In another work “Imprint” from the series of the same name, all the symbols are depicted directly on the girl’s body, as such, which will now always be present with us, we may not pay attention to them, but they are and you cant hide them. (the description was created before the full-scale invasion, as well as the picture itself)

    Denys Metelin about the “Silver down jacket”

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