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    About us

    Olga Kovtun

    We Help Ukrainian Artists Grow

    Ukrainian art epitomizes strong-minded people, tradition and identity. It also depicts a renaissance in both the talent and worldview of the Ukrainian people. UART seeks to rejuvenate and enlighten a war-tired world by sharing these intimate reflections with the world.

    Build connections

    The UART team is highly motivated. We believe that you share common human goals and speak the same language of values.

    Achieve your goals

    Ukrainian artists (painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, designers) can share their thought provoking creations with the world as well as unite with one another in a shared sense of cultural identity.

    Highly motivated professionals

    Meet our team members and founders who brings you such an important project of Ukrainian art.

    Andy Verdi

    Andy Verdi

    Founder, CEO
    Yana Lande

    Yana Lande

    USA curator, artist, designer
    Asya Zhetvina

    Asya Zhetvina

    Netherlands curator
    Anastasiia Pavlyha

    Anastasiia Pavlyha

    Juridical support
    Olga Kovtun

    We are developing a cultural future

    In the catalog, “STAND WITH UKRAINE 2022”, we bring Ukrainian artists who expressed their attitudes to what happened in Ukraine in February 2022. War and peace, life and death, beauty and the monstrosity, past and future, faith and hope — those are the topics the contemporary authors capture in their works.

    01. Art is for Future
    02. Future is for Art

    Entrust Your Growth to Professionals

    Our platform brings together 50+ contemporary authors from all over Ukraine. Learn more what do they say about us

    Tanya Lytko

    These guys from UART are doing a great job Thank you for a great promotion!

    Tanya Lytko

    Painting, Abstract
    Denys Metelin

    WOW, this is huge! My work was in the main exhibition in New York, I just can’t believe it!

    Denys Metelin

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