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Exciting Ukrainian Art Exhibition Alert!

Get ready for the next unprecedented artistic experience at G-Gallery, New York, featuring the outstanding Ukrainian artist Olya Haydamaka and sculptor Ola Rodniak, brought to you by the Ukrainian art platform UART GALLERY.

🎨 Olya Haydamaka: Join us and dive into the enchanting world of Olya Haydamaka’s artistry. Her vibrant and expressive works will guide you to magical realms of color and emotion.

🗿 Ola Rodniak: This exhibition also includes the captivating sculptures by Ola Rodniak, an artist whose work beautifully blends contemporary art with the mystique of Ukrainian traditions.

The proceeds from this exhibition will go towards acquiring a military truck for the artist’s brother, who serves in the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the front lines. 

After the resounding success at the Consulate of Ukraine in Texas, the magic continues in the heart of Manhattan! Don’t miss this bold and fresh art fusion, where art transcends boundaries and takes you on a journey through Magical Worlds.

📅 Exhibition Dates: October 19-25
📍 Location: G-Gallery, New York City
404 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10013

To schedule a tour, please call +1-954-868-7906 or send us a direct message.

Get ready to be mesmerized!

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