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A year has already passed. The most challenging year for Ukraine. It is tough to describe the feelings that gripped the people from the beginning of the full-scale offensive. Words are useless. But memories are not. The terrible events that took place in Ukrainian cities will never be forgotten and never forgiven. They are engraved. In metal, in coffins, in hearts, in terrible memories. Artists immortalize them in paintings.

Remembering the events that took place only a year ago in Mariupol, in Bucha, in dozens and hundreds of collective Buchas throughout the country, it was hard to imagine such a thing was possible. Blooming, bright places have turned into solid graves of the Ukrainian people. Distorting wonderful green parks, new colorful buildings, happy Ukrainian cities…

The only thing that can evoke the word “Bucha” now is pain and fear for those in the torture chambers. For those who stayed there forever.

Unfortunately, what ordinary Ukrainians have already perceived and experienced is still being prepared for the wider world to see. This exhibition was unacceptable at any proposed site in different countries because it is very “sensitive content.”

Okay. Hold on. We collected the Bu†cha catalog on the UART.GALLERY platform to forever leave this war in the history of Ukraine, pass it on to future generations and show the whole world the truth. Let the world now see not a meek half-truth but hear the cry of pain of the people of Ukraine.

Get ready to meet and spread the forbidden exhibition!





This selection is not allowed to display on any public platform in Ukraine and abroad, as this is “very sensitive content.” But we want the world to see.

Founders of the UART GALLERY Andy Verdi and Olena Labartkava-Verdi

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