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🎨 Exciting Ukrainian Art Exhibition Alert!

Get prepared for an unprecedented artistic experience at the G-Gallery, New York, along with the outstanding Ukrainian artists’ from the Ukrainian art platform UART GALLERY. 🌟

Featuring Two Revolutionary Artists – Dmytro Krishovsky (KRШ GRF), Yaroslav Zaitsev (YAR)!

🖍️ Dmytro Krishovsky: Born in Cherkasy, Ukraine, his art challenges conventional wisdom. His recent ink series, born during the Ukraine-Russia war, dives deep into Ukrainian Ethno-inspired graphics. Nostalgic, metaphysical, and powerful. You’ll also witness his striking take on war themes with his hype mind-blowing pieces like “Russian Warship” and “Save Mariupol.”

🗿 Yaroslav Zaitsev (YAR) from Odesa, Ukraine. YAR’s Journey from battling challenging illness to mastering yoga and anatomy has led to captivating sculptures. His new “MOTANKA CULT” series blends global trends and sacred Ukrainian traditions. Motanka, an ancient Ukrainian symbol of protection and fertility, meets iconic modern footwear, bridging past and future in captivating sculptures.

Don’t Miss This Bold, Fresh Art Fusion. Experience innovative art by these significant Ukrainian artists only at G-Gallery, NYC 🌆 G-Gallery is a creative place in the heart of Manhattan that supports and promotes established and emerging artists worldwide.

📅 Exhibition Dates: October 12-18
📍 Location: G-Gallery, New York City
404 Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10013

Call to schedule a tour: +1-954-868-7906 or DM us.

Get ready to be mesmerized! 🎉

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