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Etna in scena poster full

Welcome to the Scena!

The spotlights are on, the hall is full, and the stage is ready to meet the performers!

From July 9 to September 3, the annual Etna in Scena festival is taking place in the Italian city of Zafferana-Etnea, that is, under the volcano, in sunny Sicily. This year is already the 24th since its foundation.

Throughout the duration of the festival, readings, lectures, performances, singing, film screenings, jazz, and orchestral concerts with the participation of Italian and international stars are held on the streets and in various locations of the city. The entire beau monde of Italy is waiting for the festival and enjoying its program for almost 2 months.

As an artistic participant of the festival, from July 27 to August 1, UART GALLERY, with the support of the city commune, exhibits reproductions of paintings by Ukrainian artists in the main hall of the Zafferana-Etnea municipality town hall.


We thank the festival director, deputy mayor, tourism advisor Salvatore Coco, Cattina Coco, mayor Salvatore Russo, as well as our mediator Anastasiia Pavlyha for her help in organizing the exhibition in the Etna in Scena festival program.

Many thanks to the artists from UART.GALLERY who provided their works to create the exhibition.

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