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On August 24, Houston, USA, will be held the most exciting event in honor of Ukraine’s Independence Day, to which UART GALLERY is directly related.

The Consulate General of Ukraine, represented by Consul Vitaly Tarasyuk, together with the organization World Affairs Council of Greater Houston, welcomes you to the Be Brave Art Exhibition event, which will is held in the beautiful hall of The Ballroom at Tanglewood, 5430 Westheimer Rd., Houston, TX.

Art platform UART GALLERY will present the new catalog of artists and the unique graphic work of the famous Ukrainian artist Dmytro Krishovsky’s “To Russian Warship: Go F**k Yourself!”, which will be put up for a closed auction.

Dmytro Krishovsky

Dmytro Krishovsky (born 1988) studied at the Cherkasy Business College (2003-2007) and the National Academy of Management of Culture and Arts in Kyiv (2009-2011). He worked in the direction of graphics, painting, posters, and graphic design. Joined the UART platform in April 2022. More of Dmytro’s biography on his page.


Ukrainian artist Dmytro Krishovsky

Dmytro’s works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Belgium, France, England and the United States. Lives and works in Kyiv.


He became famous by his previous creative period when he positions himself to the «Zhlob-art» movement, — an art conception to ridicule and elucidate wasted ukrainian stingy cheapskates (similar to rednecks), founded by few ukrainian artists in early 2010th and grew in the time of Ukrainian Maydan Revolution.


His latest series of ink-works called «Motanka» was made during the Ukraine-Russia war. «Motanka» (Ukrainian native rag doll) — is the historical ukrainian ethno-motival graphical research embracing nostalgic metaphysic native spirits with modern tension and implementations.

Dmytro Krishovsky

We are so excited to present his recent artworks and manage the auction.

The peculiarity of the lot is that the front side of the picture contains four signatures, which makes it a unique artifact of evidence of the Ukrainian-Russian war. In addition to the author’s autograph, the fearless infantryman Roman Hrybov, whose name is associated with the famous phrase that served as the title of the painting, left their autographs at work, as well as the head of the military administration of Cherkasy region, Major General Ihor Taburets, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine — Valery Zaluzhny!

The Story Behind the Artwork

On February 24, Russian troops attacked Snake Island, located in the Black Sea 30 miles away from the coast of the Odesa region. The ships, particularly the flagship “Moscow,” demanded to lay down their weapons. However, they were sent in an already known direction. Later, the prophecy came true — the elite of the Russian fleet with a powerful anti-missile system went to the bottom.

Unfortunately, part of the island guards from Zmiyny died heroically. Those who were captured were exchanged for Russian occupiers later. Among them was the Ukrainian modern Cossack Roman Hrybov, who was called the author of the symbolic expression.

Small, detailed lines by the author’s ink show that the strength of the spirit always prevails over the physical. The ship is holed all the way through, and the damaged Kremlin is visible on the deck. Through the image, you can feel how “Moscow” is slowly going to the bottom of the sea. So as the plans to take over independent Ukrainian land.

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