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Miami weekend!

UART GALLERY and @travel_2art present Parallels: “Take Away” — is the ongoing project of interviews and photographic documentation of «true» belongings taken by Ukrainian refugees. Created by Lyzaveta Bogachova. The project was filled with over 50 photographic images and presented first and exhibited in Berlin.

📸 Lyzaveta Bohachova (Elizaveta Bogachova) – a Ukrainian-born photographer living in Berlin. She was lucky enough to be a student in a photography course at Berlin University. She faced the first days of the war staying in Ukraine, so the war theme is an open wound for her. “I was running away, grabbing my underage sister, and packing the most unuseful things while fighting to bring our parents with us. Chaos is wrapped in despair when beloved ones stay behind. That was a fragment of my experience.”, remembering Liza. After the seven-day trip to Berlin, observing the vast flood of refugees, she realized that belongings reflect and represent personalities better than portraits. That’s how the idea of “Take Away” came to life.

“What will you take with you when your life is under death threat? What will you think first? Is your head careful and calm? Will you take just essential things? Or are you lost yourself and grab first-seen items?

It’s not necessary to see a face to recognize a personality in front of us. Just have a look at things that people took with them while fleeing. Now ask yourself: — What does matter to YOU?”

The project’s primary goal is to keep awareness and bring the true stories of victims and refugees to light. The war is still going on. And it is vital to keep the attention and stay human. Even a baby’s effort makes a tremendous step toward the future with the hope of bliss.

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