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Today on April 1, 2022, the exhibition “STAND WITH UKRAINE” began. The UART art platform presents 16 works by Ukrainian authors. All the works were created at a time when the country was already at war. Emotionally vivid original works are permeated with pain and a strong love for homeland. This is because the Ukrainian nation is united, courageous and unconquered.

We offer you to get acquainted with the works and authors who were presented at the exhibition.

Meet our UARTists

Anastasia Bonishko. The artist says about her works: – “I am inspired by improvisations, especially in music. I believe that this is the purest manifestation of my feelings. I express the world around me, the details, through the line and the spot. The symbolic intersection of the lines turns into separate spots. Same in life: events, people, situations intersect and form something unique. The viewer can always turn on his own imagination and see his story, like associative series.

Denys Metelin. Denis tried to paint this canvas for several years. The name “Ukrainian Dream” is consonant with the plane that was destroyed by Russian forces when they reached Gostomel in February 2022 during the military invasion of Ukraine. “Monuments of Lenin are being dropped from Ukrainian military planes on Moscow, which were turned into air bombs,” says the artist. The content of the work is forced to decommunise Ukraine in the brightest way possible. As Putin ordered, the Ukrainian army decommunised the Red Square and the Kremlin.

Denys Metelin – Ukrainian Dream. 2022. Canvas / acrylic. 80×80 cm

Arthur Soletskyi. Pigeonman is one of the works in the series. This is a reflection on life situations that we face every day, from which we find a way out or live. Every job is an attempt to capture yourself and your surroundings. This series arose from a selfish need to establish itself, if not on a historical scale, then at least in our own work called “life”.

Arthur Soletskiy — Pigeonman. Acrylic on canvas, 150х150 cm

Elzara Oiseau. Author’s words about the exhibited work: “When I wrote it, my thoughts and experiences were about interpersonal relationships, trust and empty promises, but over time everything became wider. Trust has become less possible. Especially when the country that threatens the invasion announces the withdrawal of troops from the borders, but in fact only increases them. It seems that the head will soon be crushed by the amount of information. Now all daily rituals are involuntarily accompanied by thoughts: will it be tomorrow or not? We need to have time. I’m not in panic, I’m drinking my divine espresso in my favorite cafe on my favorite street in Kyiv. So far as I can. But suddenly, if it won’t work tomorrow?”

Elzara Oiseau — Empty words, 2022. Acrylic, oil pastel, canvas 90×210 cm

Daniel Manzhos. Author’s comment: “My works are «fun art». They are cheerful because they are not influenced by external circumstances, they are simple because they are what I love. I like to use the most banal things to be original. I came up with the idea to create drawings like puzzles, and I developed this idea into my own artistic style”.

Daniel is no longer featured on the UART platform.

Daniel Manzhos — “Birds”. 2022

Daria Nakvakina. For the last three years Daria has dedicated herself to abstract painting and experimenting with mixed media. The main component of most works is a gauze bandage. A bandage is a symbol that stops bleeding, fixes broken bones and torn muscles. The bandage helps relieve pain and heal wounds. A bandage is like a measure of the time it takes to strengthen what has been torn to pieces. This work was used as a poster of the Ukrainian part of the exhibition.

Daria Nakvakina — Stop the bloodshed. 2022. Canvas, paint, bandage.

The exhibition aroused great interest among a large number of visitors and showed that the problem of the war in Ukraine concerns people all over the world. Every nation, every particular person. Common people in different countries can support each other even at a distance. Go to the peaceful meetings, buy Ukrainian goods, attend Ukrainian events. Because this is how you can vote for peace!

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