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It took place at the One Art Space Gallery (23 Warren Street in New York City) on April 1-2, 2022. The art show “Stand with Ukraine” was aimed to demonstrate support for Ukraine and spread light and love in times of international conflict.

The exhibition included works by Ukrainian artists of UART who creatively support their homeland with heart and spirit. As well as works by many international authors who have expressed their own independent opinion and support of the people of Ukraine.

David de Hannay personal statement

David’s NYC Art Movement project is a team of artists from around the world. We cannot close our eyes and remain silent when people die under the Russian barbaric regime. We have gathered here to express our condolences. From all the international artists who are part of the NYC Art Movement and UART.

Damn Putin! I waited 20 years to shout this message from New York. And now, as a New Yorker artist, I’m proud to be running this art show. I stopped all my current projects because I think this art show means more than anything else right now. In this unjust world, only we can fight our madness, not logic. And I don’t believe that this world can change overnight, but I do believe that we can create our own world over time with everyone’s support.

I was a human rights activist and photojournalist who was tortured by Russian agents. So this show has personal significance for me as well. This is the first art exhibition in the world that demonstrates the sympathy and support of the people of Ukraine. Victims of this humanitarian crisis. We have gathered here to express our condolences.

Creation is power!

Today, the world supports Ukraine for the courage to have its own opinion about its own country. To have a choice of which language to speak, which government to choose, which way to go for development. After living in a free country for 30 years, the new generation has a clear idea of ​​the freedom of speech and choice.

Now, in these difficult times, Ukraine is fighting for rights by blood, paying the highest price for it with the lives of the children, civilians and brave soldiers. Nurturing hope in the heart that the Lord will give strength to defeat evil and punish all murderers and invaders.

Ukraine is a peaceful country!
Ukrainians are a smart, creative nation!
Ukrainian land is indivisible!
Ukrainian soul – Light!.

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