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Olga was born in 1990 in Kyiv. She received primary art education at the Kyiv School of Arts named after MD Leontovich. Graduated from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design with a degree in clothing design.

Now Olga lives in the country in Kyiv region and works on Ukrainian traditional culture: its mystical rituals, beliefs, talismans, the extraordinary beauty of embroidered costumes and the richness of hats.

Her artworks are made by mixed digital techniques and stored in private collections in Ukraine, Canada, the United States and many more.

Born1990CityKyiv areaCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Source of inspiration

    Traditions of Ukrainian culture, many rites, superstitions, divination and amulets – this is the part of our heritage that inspires to create a special system of images, which can be recreated by the passion for ancestral culture and emphasize its great role in modern Ukrainian life.

    Red color meaning

    The main color of my works is red. I chose it because it is used the most in Ukrainian embroidery and for me it is generally associated with our culture. The background in the paintings is contrasting, but at the same time resonates with the colors of national clothes. I prefer yellow shades in the background, which gives a feeling of sun and warmth. Red and yellow are my favorite combinations, they are the warmest colors in the spectrum, so mostly in my works, faces and hands are depicted in this way.


    When creating images, I break the proportions and play with the volumes. Traditional Ukrainian costumes fascinate with their extraordinary beauty, colors and richness, so I want to emphasize this and portray them bigger. The voluminous hats and sleeves with embroidery look calm and majestic. In the massive sleeves it is as if some mysterious force is concentrated and includes the whole world.

    “Душа полонини” – “The soul of the meadow”

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