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Aesthetic postcard gift with Ukrainian art exhibition print woman in ethno style


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Embrace the magic of Ukrainian artistry with this splendid designer card, a treasure that celebrates the brilliance of a talented Ukrainian artist and invites you to explore the depths of their creativity. Let the beauty of this painting create a lasting impression, whispering tales of a rich cultural tapestry and leaving you longing for more.

Whether you gift this aesthetic card to a loved one or keep it as a cherished keepsake, it serves as a timeless reminder of the power of art to transport us to new realms of beauty and inspiration. Allow the radiance of this Ukrainian masterpiece to brighten your day and captivate your soul.

Every UART Gallery art print is based on the real artwork of professional Ukrainian artists, who have been honing their skills for years, repeatedly participate in exhibitions, and are a modern reflection of Ukrainian fine art culture. Thus, you have a great opportunity to become a part of something bigger, touch modern art, and support Ukrainian artists by buying merch printable postcards with their prints!


Name: “Tree of Life”

Artist: Olya Haydamaka

Year of creation: 2020

Picture description: In the enchanting “Tree of Life” picture, a stunning Ukrainian woman is adorned in a breathtakingly embroidered shirt, embracing a magnificent tree with blooming red flowers. Gracefully soaring above her, a flock of storks symbolizes prosperity and fertility. The picture conveys a powerful message of the profound bond between individuals and their homeland, urging for the preservation of Ukraine’s captivating culture and natural allure.


These gidt postcards are made from thick high-quality matte paper, so they serve as a great addition to a gift or just a thoughtful written note to a friend.

• Cardboard paper
• Paper weight: 7.67–10.32 oz/yd² (260–350 g/m²)
• Size: 4″ × 6″ (101 × 152 mm)
• Paper thickness: 0.013″ (0.34 mm)
• Coated outer surface
• Blank product materials sourced from Sweden, US, Brazil, or China


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Aesthetic postcard gift with Ukrainian art exhibition print woman in ethno style
Aesthetic postcard gift with Ukrainian art exhibition print woman in ethno style
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