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USA curator, artist, designer

Concept creations


ne of the key components of an artist’s mission is reflecting present-day experience in order to convey it to succeeding generations.

The main theme of my art is the research of Happiness issue. In every new series I raise a new question: what does one need to feel happy; what does one experience in this state; is there such thing as gender, religious or national differences in perception; how do perceptions change with age and is it possible to remain happy for life.

The images in my art center around symbols. They allow to reveal the design from various angles. I attempt to import as many meanings as possible so that everyone had a chance to find the reflection of their soul. Perception is always based on personal experience as well as on the standpoint from which one is looking at the piece of art. But the primary perspective of looking at the world should be Love.


Artist, curator, publisher, designer
▪ Solo exhibitions in Europe, England, America
▪ Organization and holding of museum and gallery exhibitions in different countries
▪ More than a hundred exhibition catalogs in different languages
▪ State certificates for personal contribution to the preservation of cultural values
▪ Member of the International Association of Art Critics
▪ Jury member of art competitions
▪ Art consultant

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