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What is hidden under the symbols of childhood in the 2000s? You can see happy moments in it. But the more closely we look, the more mysteriously veiled images in the picture are revealed…

This time, Metelin arranged a real color boom. The artist immerses the viewer in a bright environment, depicting each character in various colors.

Who do we see on the carousel? Cheerful children and funny animals? Maybe so, maybe not. The bright yellow duckling looks childishly vulnerable. But his image as a utility worker perhaps betrays his maturity and exposes his naivety. What about the dinosaur: a favorite childhood toy or a symbol of outdated concepts and a lack of renewal?

In the background is a Soviet car. Old and abandoned, which used to be in almost every yard. And what is a rainbow in red-yellow-orange tones? Happy memories of chewing gum, or again a bright symbol that captures our attention and makes us think? There are more and more questions than answers.

It is impossible not to notice a girl with a teddy bear mask in the composition’s center. But notice her absent look… “Sit down and play with us,” she seems to say, inviting you to sit down on the only free seat of this strange carousel.

Art exists in mystery. Whatever images you see will be correct. After all, art has no veracity, only truth.

Denys Metelin
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The young Ukrainian artist Denis Metelin is interesting for his multifaceted creativity. His vivid paintings are full of daring and compromising plots. Metelin’s art is almost always a challenge and provocation, mystery and hints, allegory and grotesque. As a separate flow, the artist Metelin creates paintings with architectural elements of Ukrainian cities, exploring building aesthetics in his style.

Denys Metelin — «Carrousel» (Decommunization series)
Acrylic on canvas, oil
60x70 cm

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