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The young Ukrainian artist Denys Metelin is known for his solid pro-Ukrainian position. Does he depict an allegorical reflection of the desired future in the picture?

In the foreground, you can see the bright yellow eyes of a leopard burning red from the desire to take revenge for every spilled drop of Ukrainian blood. The yellow-blue spots seem to remind us that regardless of the bloodthirsty appearance of the beast, it is still on the side of Ukrainian truth and goodness.

Little Z-men cannot cope with the leopard’s power, looking tiny and insignificant against its background. The colors in which they are made remind us of who it is. In the spring of 2023, “Leopards” became a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle and European aid in the form of Leopard tanks, which were supplied to the Ukrainian army.

In the background, the buildings that transfer the action to Red Square are barely visible. They are equally sullen concerning the image that contains the reign of justice and the establishment of new orders, isn’t it right?

So, this painting sends us deep into a dream, but the bold strokes of paint and the step-by-step overflow of colors bring us back to reality. Deep symbols always travel through the canvases of Denys Metelin. Our task is to discover our own and be inspired.

Denys Metelin
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The young Ukrainian artist Denis Metelin is interesting for his multifaceted creativity. His vivid paintings are full of daring and compromising plots. Metelin’s art is almost always a challenge and provocation, mystery and hints, allegory and grotesque. As a separate flow, the artist Metelin creates paintings with architectural elements of Ukrainian cities, exploring building aesthetics in his style.

Denys Metelin — «Ukrainian Leopard on Red Square»
Acrylic on canvas
60x50 cm

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