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Woman in Blue Tone

«Woman in Blue Tone» series was created during 2021/2022. I was inspired primarily by Ukrainian women, Hutsul songs and folklore, which I had the opportunity to get to know more in Сarpathians. My series now has a new meaning for me. I associate our Ukraine with a girl of my age. She’s got into trouble. And it is in these works that the mood and the philosophy of Ukrainian femininity is conveyed – as young, strong, brave, independent, and very beautiful as my country!

«In creativity, as in music, I prefer improvisation. For me, this is the purest manifestation of feelings. I reveal the world through lines, shapes, dots, and colors. And although the symbolism is mostly unintentional, in the end, the viewer connects all the dots and enjoys a complete but unique picture,» — adds Anastasia.
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The artist Anastasia Bonishko was born in Lviv, where her artistic journey began. As a child, the girl fell in love with everything related to music or fine arts. She experimented with various techniques, mixed them, and conveyed her emotions.

Later, the girl graduated from the National Forestry University of Ukraine, majoring in Design. Years of practice paid off — she grew as an artist and also found herself in the style of line art.

Her series of paintings, «Woman in blue tone,» seems to envelop her from the inside. The blue color evokes a feeling of coziness, and you want to look at every detail and notice the obvious or weightless thoughts the author has put into it.

By the way, Nastya always relies on her inner feelings. Moreover, sometimes symbolism arises already in the process of creating a work.

Born1992CityLvivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


2013-2014 — group exhibition and participation in the plein air in Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Krzyzowej
2014 — exhibition at the Art Association Texture
2015-2016 — visual creator for BREAKTHRU FILMS STUDIO Gdansk, Poland «Loving Vincent» movie
2016 (group) — «Art Tandem»
2017 (group) — works of the «Loving Vincent» project participants
2021 (group) — for Avangard Festival
2021 (group) — Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival
2022 (group) — UART + NYC Art movement (New York) «Stand for Ukraine»

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