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Stopping the blood

From childhood, drawing was my only way to introduce myself and learn about outward things. At this moment play of color and light on different textures and surfaces inspires me to work more.

In making arts, she managed by love for painting to the process of creating masterpieces. It’s like breathing. You can’t live without it! I want to deliver my feelings in my images», — said Yana.

War always spills rivers of blood, brings indescribable pain, and leaves wounds that will never heal. The world is distorted. Its vision of life is distorted. The powerful humans’ covetous desires “distort” everything around us, everything! In their eyes, the life of people lost its price.

«Distorted» series is my attempt to show the original face of reality… So everyone can see the anger and rot that surrounds us. And maybe someone will think about that and start to change the world, starting with himself.

Yana Dulger «Face of world» from series «Distorted…», 2022, 50x40cm, oil, canvas, bandage

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Yana was born in Storozhynets, Ukraine, where graduated from art school with honors. In 2004, graduated from Art College in Vyzhnytsia she entered Chernivtsi National University, where received higher education in “Fine and decorative arts”.

Yana was a teacher for a long time in the Center of child and teen creation of Storozhynets, teaching art weaving and design. At the same time tried to work with different materials, technics, and styles. Since 2017 all-time she spent on creative growth and making pictures for sale.

Born19xxCityChernivtsiCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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