Painting for sale "War-torn Soul" by Yana Dulger - UART Gallery
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War does not choose who to injure; she touches everyone with extraordinary cruelty. So, when the soul hurts, we seem to be whole on the outside but mutilated on the inside. And even the one who is not physically injured is destroyed morally.

Yana says that she made the composition wrong on purpose. This image is like a silhouette in a shooting range that is about to hit. In the target, in ten, in the apple.

Perhaps to the place where an unbearable ball of pain settled. He wants to escape from the body, and he does again and again. It’s like a wound you want to wrap with bandages and hope it will heal. However, no.

Instead of flowers, there is a mutilated soul inside. But everyone who experiences war should feel that he is not alone.

Yana Dulger
The artist experimented a lot and used different materials and techniques. This is how a unique creative style was born, which you can recognize from a thousand.

The girl was born in Storozhynka, in Bukovina. Drawing drew her in from the first stroke — it was how she expressed herself, discovered herself, and got to know the world. Playing with colors and light became like breathing, and Yana was no longer separated from them.

Later, she graduated with honors from the art school, and in 2004, after the art school in Vyzhnytsia, she entered the Chernivtsi National University. 

By the way, sometimes it wasn’t easy. Yana experienced a period when she could not draw and develop in this field. Іt went on for years. She recalls: «I felt as if I was losing myself, I could not breathe, and I was slowly dying. The only thing I wanted was to create». Then all the savings were spent on paints, canvases, brushes, and the first easel. Finally, everything made sense! 

Since 2017, Yana has been exclusively engaged in creating oil and watercolor paintings. And look at how masterfully each one is executed! You can learn more about Yana on her personal page.

«War-torn Soul»
Oil, canvas, bandage

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