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Ukrainian artist Olena Papka was born in Lviv, one of the most visited cities in Ukraine.

Olena always wanted to find creativity that would make her eyes «burn», and she succeeded. Currently, she’s working in two styles — decorative realism and naive art. The artist primarily focuses on symbolic paintings: female images with ethnic motifs and ornaments.

In spring of 2022 her artwork «Courage» was sold at the Forbes auction in Prague for 45 thousand dollars, and the funds went to charity.

Born1990CityLvivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMay, 2022

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    Drawings for me serve as a portal for the release of emotions. I broadcast states. A monochrome series is emerging, and although it’s not very close to me, I don’t see these drawings in color. I will definitely try to recreate this black and white and paint with all the richness of textures and layers that are inherent in my style.

    Olena Papka — Postures (2022). Ink on paper.

    It isn’t easy to describe in words the whole range of emotions. It is good that there is an artistic language. Specifically, these conditions are felt physically in the chest, unpleasant sensations, emptiness, burning, and tingling. The inside is turned upside down. But at the same time, it is about the deep and emotional that everyone will see on their own.

    «This is an endless variety of states and manifestations, from gentle and light to aggressive and powerful», — adds the artist. She hardly looks for inspiration because it comes from everyday life and, at the same time, beautiful things: flowers, styles of strangers, movies, and even coffee. It inspires and prompts her to create something unique and authentic.

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