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Ukrainian artist Olena Papka was born in Lviv and now she a living and working there. She educated as a furniture designer and came to art gradually. Olena created hand-painting clothes for 3 years, but in January 2021 she left the creative craft and began to paint. Most of her works created during the first year now are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

Olena consider the sale of her painting at the Forbes charity auction in Prague to be the greatest creative achievement for now. All proceeds were raised to support Ukraine during the war.

Born1990CityLvivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMay, 2022

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    Drawings for me serve as a portal for the release of emotions. I broadcast states. A monochrome series is emerging, and although it’s not very close to me, I don’t see these drawings in color. I will definitely try to recreate this black and white and paint with all the richness of textures and layers that are inherent in my style.

    Olena Papka — Postures (2022). Ink on paper.

    It is difficult to describe in words the whole range of emotions. It is good that there is an artistic language. Specifically, these conditions are felt physically in the chest, very unpleasant sensations, emptiness, burning, tingling. The inside is turned upside down. But at the same time it is about the deep and emotional, that everyone will see their own.

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