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Rymma Vinogradova is a contemporary visual artist, living and working in Basel, Switzerland. She was born in 1998 in Ukraine, where she spent 21 years of her life. Since her youth, Rymma has been discovering Ukrainian culture in its various manifestations: in 2013 graduated from the art school named after Raisa Kyrychenko in her hometown Poltava. This gave her a sense of taste and aesthetics as she feels and sees it now.

Born1998CityBaselCatalogUART 2022Date of signingOctober, 2022


October 7 — 27 2022 — group exhibition «Między niebem a ziemią», organized by UA World Art Fund, Solvay Center for Contemporary Art, Kraków, Poland;

June 2022 — digital exhibition on the occasion of International Refugee Day «Still in Ukraine» in Atrij ZRC, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

2022 — ART BOX Project World 2.0, Urbanside Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland;

2022 — Digital art exhibition by Chromaart Agency, Berlin, Germany;

2021 — ART BOX Project 3.0 Zürich, Switzerland.

2021 — Honorable Mention Award from the Art Show International, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Award).

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    Rymma explores how our cultural heritage is being transformed by current trends in human development, and how it changes into new forms and reveals itself in new ways of contemporary conditions. Her main question is: Is there a place for ethnicity in our «virtual» reality?

    In Rymma’s reality, there is. She delves even deeper into the study of ancestral traditions, folk art, and peculiarities of history and passes it to others. Because these things are very fragile. «If we don’t recreate it in our memory now, who will pass it on to future generations?» ─ is the question, that prompts Rymma to tell incessantly about it through her artwork. Art for her is a path and a way to be heard.

    Rymma Vinogradova works in the style of figurative abstract art. She attaches great importance to the appearance of the paintings and describes her technique as multi-layer. Rymma applies the layers of paint one by one and always tries to leave room for air, saying: «The painting must breathe». She likes to experiment with different materials: acrylic on canvas or on acrylic paper with interesting effects by using oil and watercolor pastels, ink, and even texture paste.

    Rymma believes that it is impossible to comprehend the essence of art, rather the opposite: art helps us understand what we like and what we don’t like, how we feel, and who we are in general.

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