Painting for sale "Progenitors" by Rymma Vinogradova - UART Gallery
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The work of «Ancestors» is primarily about equality. If you want to be treated well, respect others, regardless of their personality, mentality, temperament, or appearance. No matter what time we live in — peace or war.

In Ukrainian culture, equality is the basis of family relationships, children, and community relationships.

The picture «Ancestors» is precisely about this. The weapon in her hands is not an advantage but a heavy burden. The man beside the young woman covers her hand, making it clear that she can trust him; he is there and supports her. There is no boundary between their bodies.

This couple is in a harmonious relationship, and they are one whole. Such relationships are possible when people are equal in the union.

Rymma Vinogradova
Basel (Switzerland)
Personal page of the Ukrainian artist Rymma Vinogradova.

Rymma Vinogradova is a contemporary visual artist, living and working in Basel, Switzerland. She was born in 1998 in Ukraine, where she spent 21 years of her life. Since her youth, Rymma has been discovering Ukrainian culture in its various manifestations.

In her work Rymma explores how our cultural heritage is being transformed by current trends human development, how it changes into new forms, and reveals itself in a new ways of contemporary conditions. Rymma Vinogradova works in the style of figurative abstract art. She attaches great importance to the appearance of the paintings and describes her technique as multi-layer.

Rymma believes that it is impossible to comprehend the essence of art, rather the opposite: art helps us understand what we like and what we don’t like, how we feel and who we are in general. Read more about Rymma on her personal page.

Rymma Vinogradova — «Progenitors»
acrylic, oil pastel, dry pastel, acrylic marker, ink on canvas
110x90 cm

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