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Having received a good classical art education, in my works I always analyse what I see, what inspires me, and how it is transformed into my emotions, thoughts and feelings on canvas.

2008 OGHU of M.B. Grekova, Faculty of Painting.
2011 OGPU of Ushinsky, Graphic Arts Department.
2019 OGASA (Architectural and Construction Institute), Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Born1988CityOdesaCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


2022 «Cyber Dreams» RD-land metaverse.

2022 «BRAVE ART» Exhibition. StellART NFT gallery.

2022 Spring 2022 EXHIBITION. Folx Gallery. Virtual Space

2022 Resistance, Baroque Gallery App. Kyiv, Ukraine

2022 «Stand with Ukraine.» One Art Space Gallery. New York

2022 CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum «MAKE ART NOT WAR.» Naples, Italy.

2021 Kacharovska Art Space. Odesa, Ukraine.

2020 Personal exhibition «Watching from the sky.»Kyiv, Ukraine.

2020 Woman Art Award from Musa International Art Space. Vienna, Austria.

2018 Festival «Lviv art day.» Lviv, Ukraine.

2017 Fashion + Art ELLE 20 years. Odesa, Ukraine.

2017 Project of 20 designers + 20 artists of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016 KOKON art space. Odesa, Ukraine.

2015 Spivakovska ART: EGO. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2015 Project «374 artists.» Odesa, Ukraine.

2015 InterZone project: installation competition. Best Installation Prize. Odesa, Ukraine.

2015 In the Footsteps of the Mystery. Spivakovska Artego. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2014 «Gentle expansion.» Odesa, Ukraine.

2014 InterZone project: installation competition. Odesa, Ukraine.

2005 Creative group «Flight.» Odesa, Ukraine.

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    Artist Statement

    «The main question that interests me as an artist is how to competently transform what an artist sees into art on canvas?

    I do not consider it necessary to copy and realіse simply technically beautiful paintings, since a true artist is more than just a good technique. A true artist is the energy and emotions that the viewer feels when looking at the work.»

    Olga Gladushevska

    «Nature in 2036»

    Inspiration is in nature. The most inexhaustible source. Analyzing the lines and colors that nature creates, it is very interesting to explore this and transform it into your art, emotions and sensations.

    The main source of inspiration for the creation of this series of paintings was the ecological environment in which we live. Research is aimed at analyzing changes in the environment in recent years. The main environmental problem is air pollution. Tons of substances harmful to the environment are released into the atmosphere every day. And each of us feels and sees it. We breathe dirty air and look at the cloudy sky. In his paintings, the artist conveys his emotions and feelings in this regard. How unstable and changeable nature is, how beautiful clouds are in their impermanence, even when they pose a mortal threat to humanity.


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