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The viewer feels the mood when the artist works with pleasure. Anastasia depicted a woman preparing for the holiday. The look of a charming stranger shows that she is satisfied with the reflection in the mirror. And the author especially likes round earrings. She says she would wear them too.

Willow branches, birds, embroidery, and a wreath on the head have symbolism. These are not attributes of Easter; however, they complement its atmosphere.

The Easter theme inspires anticipation of something bright and familiar. Creating ornaments on Easter eggs, baking Easter cakes, consecrating food, enjoying the spring sun, and believing that good will conquer evil. The essence of impressionism is to combine details into a general picture and convey what the eye cannot see.

«When I paint, I play. For me, it’s like a game where the canvas is a blank field that I fill with my mood. I used to worry that I had to put meaning into my work. Depict objects in detail. Then I realized – I love to play,» – adds Anastasia.

Anastasia Bonishko
Nastya always relies on her inner feelings. Moreover, sometimes symbolism arises already in the process of creating a work.

The artist Anastasia Bonishko was born in Lviv, where her creative path began. As a child, she fell in love with everything related to music and the fine arts.

Later, she graduated from the National Forestry University of Ukraine, majoring in Design. After years of practice, she became an artist and found herself in the line art style.

Her series of paintings, “Woman in Blue Tones,” seems to envelop her from the inside. The blue color evokes a feeling of coziness; you want to consider every detail and notice the obvious or weightless thoughts that the author puts into it. Learn more about Anastasia Bonishko on her personal page.


Woman in Blue Tone 2 (series)
Acrylic on canvas
135x95 cm

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