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Truth is born in silence. The woman in the picture does not look at the viewer – she tries to focus on her thoughts. She is sitting at the table, but in fact – in shes world. He dreams and plunges into philosophy.

Her inspiration is nature, birds that build a nest, and even the wind. A woman dreams of being herself, not ashamed of her inner world. If you open up, you develop; this is the only way to become fearless and lead people to the light. Оrdinary people are like artists – creativity is impossible without courage.

«Graffiti is my old-time love. I’m not a master of street art, but I’ve always wanted to try adding graffiti elements to my paintings. It turned out organically! Adding elements from other techniques is going beyond the rules. I understand that every artist is going through psychology. Sometimes you look and think: who allowed you to do this? Against the textbooks, against the canons,» –  says Anastasia.

This method is the only way the artist and the viewer can travel through the painting. Because when an artist emphasizes emotions and not laws, it becomes immediately visible!

Anastasia Bonishko
Nastya always relies on her inner feelings. Moreover, sometimes symbolism arises already in the process of creating a work.

The artist Anastasia Bonishko was born in Lviv, where her creative path began. As a child, she fell in love with everything related to music and the fine arts.

Later, she graduated from the National Forestry University of Ukraine, majoring in Design. After years of practice, she became an artist and found herself in the line art style.

Her series of paintings, “Woman in Blue Tones,” seems to envelop her from the inside. The blue color evokes a feeling of coziness; you want to consider every detail and notice the obvious or weightless thoughts that the author puts into it. Learn more about Anastasia Bonishko on her personal page.


Woman in Blue Tone 5 (series)
Acrylic, canvas
135x95 cm

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