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The artist was born on January 10, 1986, in Chornomorsk. The girl was fond of drawing since childhood, but she did not find a common language with the teacher during the lessons at the art school. The woman demanded that the future artist follow the rules.

The path turned out to be confusing, but it still led to the starting point. At first, the artist received higher education at the Faculty of Economics and Law, but already in the second year she realized that creativity wins, so she started to engage in art photography. For more than 5 years, together with artists from different countries, she worked in Slavsk. Darya began experimenting with techniques, combining drawing, painting, and photography.

Daria started the tradition of meeting the dawn by the sea. She comes to the coast even in winter. At such moments, it seems that the whole spectrum of feelings is born inside, which the artist transfers to the paintings. She paints every emotion that is easy to read in her fantastic works.

Born1986CityChornomorskCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


2009 — The collective exhibition «Mountains Inspire» at the Museum of Western and Eastern Art in Odesa;

2021 — Solo exhibition «Intervention» at the White Museum in Chornomorsk;

2021 — Performance exhibition «Symphony of the wind»;

2021— The group exhibition «Sacrifice» in Milan;

2022 — The group exhibition «Stand with Ukraine» at One Art Space in the USA.

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    Air raid alert (2022)

    This series of works is written during an air raid. I write emotions that I don’t allow myself to feel… but they can be expressed in faces.


    «I deliberately violated the laws of art, painted pink horses, deformed faces… my imagination could not withstand the framework in which they wanted to confine me.»

    «I allowed myself to go beyond the usual and felt the freedom of self-expression. There were no teachers with me, I didn’t try to please anyone, I was myself! Creativity is honesty with oneself. Here I can afford absolutely everything. I began to study my inner world, which people tried to limit.»

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