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Oleksii Revika was born in Melitopol, Zaporizhia region. He’s been living in Kyiv since 2001. Educated in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Art critic.

Born1979CityKyivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingJune, 2022


2022 Wegil “thecapturedhouse”. Rome
2022 I Gallery, “Muses are not silent”. Lviv
2022 Ukrainian House, “Voices”. Kyiv
2022 Alte Münze, The Captured House. Berlin
2022 Dzyga, “Time of war. Reflections…”. Lviv
2022 Galerie Rampa, “Ukraine is not dead yet”. Czech Republic
2022 IPSM. Dante’s vision. Kyiv
2022 Artist MOKONSHU “Exit Gate No. 2022”. Kyiv
2021 Kavalieridze Museum-workshop “The world did not catch them” to the 300th anniversary of the birth of H. Skovoroda
2021 Artarea “Ukrainian Biennale of Digital and Media Art” in Kyiv
2021 Imagine Point “PopCorn”. Kyiv
2021 Residence of OFAR “Apotheosis of the Empire” in Slavutych
2021 NORDART “Borders of reality” Participation in the Ukrainian project “A-4 ballpoint pen” Budelsdorf, Germany.
2021 MSUMK “Your Names Ukraine”. Lutsk
2021 Artist MOKONSHU “365 daysafter”. Kyiv
2021 All-Ukrainian Hryvnia Project Art.
2021 Street Gallery. Narcissus and Prynada, Lviv
2020 Street Gallery. Injection. Painting, graphics. Lviv city
2020 National Center Ukrainian House. We are all at home. Online exhibition. Graphics. Kyiv
2020 Voloshyn Gallery. Multiple stories and objects. Participation in the project Lesia Khomenko. Painting. Kyiv
2020 Lavra Gallery. Habitat Manifesto. Graphics. Kyiv
2020 Vagabundo. Personal exhibition Reflections. Graphics of Ivano-Frankivsk
2019 Karas gallery. Ballpoint A4. Graphics. Kyiv
2019 Institute of Contemporary Art Problems. Alchemy of Existence. Painting. Kyiv
2019 “Surrealism in the space of the city of Slavutych”, within the project “Small cities – big impressions”, Painting. Slavutych
2019 “Dream of the Giardini Gardens”, Painting. Venice, Italy
2018 Kyiv Museum of History. Personal exhibition “The Gardener and the Housewife”, painting. Kyiv
2017 Kyiv Museum of History. Personal exhibition “THEY are WE”, Painting. Kyiv
2017 M17 ArtSeason media project ZAVET and They are We (Painting), Kyiv
2017 ATLAS. Deep conference. They are WE, painting, Kyiv
2017 GoGolFest. The painting series painting “They are WE” and media project ZAVET, Kyiv
2014 Gogolfest. “Good” sculpture, Kyiv
2014 sculpture in space “Wind Man” LendArt “Spring Wind”, Kyiv
2013 – 2014 series of personal exhibitions within the framework of the “KultOffice” project, Kyiv
2014 M-17. participation in the “Fire of Love” painting project, Kyiv
2014 Art Museum. Participation in the “One Country” painting project, Cherkasy
2012 sculpture in the space “Fisherman” LandArt “Spring Wind”, Kyiv
2010 installation “Fire of the Earth” LandArt “Spring Wind”, Kyiv

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    The presented series of works in the Premonitions section includes pieces made during the long period he started working in 2019. These are both graphic works and several paintings. These are different plots and divided into other series, but they are all united by a single line of anticipation of what might happen. Most of these works have a description made in verlibrium, which is the key to explanation, although it adds more questions than answers.

    Oleksii Revika — Desna (2022), ball pen on paper, 70х50 cm
    Oleksii Revika — Melitopol (2022), ball pen on paper, 70х50 cm
    Red Line. Feeling

    The series is divided into two parts. The first was started at the end of 2021 and ended on 24.02.22. The second part began immediately during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Each letter of the work illustrates the horrors committed by the Russian military under the Russian authorities’ leadership in Ukraine’s cities. By simple graphic means (doodle technique), he tries to convey Russia’s aggressive intentions towards the Ukrainian nation and state to the civilized world. The pain and suffering caused by Russia’s suicidal imperial expansion. This is the author’s personal struggle and the way to Ukraine’s victory in Russia’s unjust and aggressive war that began in 2014. The main thing in the series is – the shape looks like a house. A house is a family home, private space, fortress, etc. But today, the Russians are insulting our typical home — Ukraine. He looks at this series as an exhibition in an area where each work is a separate story about a specific historical event and the protection of himself and his family. The whole series is a story about the country.

    Oleksii Revika — Blue Monkey (2021), ball pen on paper, 47х65

    This is always something that each of us, and me too, can ignore. We keep it close to us, hide it in the bowels of the subconscious, pretend to be dead asleep, and only the flicker of the eyelids betrays life in me and in each of you. There is a fight going, but me and each of you are standing aside. We wait, we tolerate, we give in, fighting for capitulation instead of victory, we change fear for life, we choose guilt instead of confession, we crave bread instead of freedom, as if crumbs of comfort are worth more than love. We stare into the eyes of the blue monkey. Let’s see … And hope makes me and each of you to wait until the blue monkey to look away first.

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