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Ukraine. Unbreakable.

Unbreakable as its women, as its men! As long as the heart burns, Ukrainians will fight for freedom, for unrestrained truth. There is a lot of sadness and pain in the  works by Zadiraka, but they also have a lot of life, love and hope.

A seagull — the symbol of a woman who became a seagull after death of her husband, a symbol of mother Ukraine, as well as a symbol of courage and freedom. Home and heart is the mother Ukraine. Willow roots are a female symbol of the tree of life, a woman’s strength, her fertility and motherhood. We will put down new roots that will be stronger! 

The hard times will over and Ukrainians will breathe again on the free land. Sprouts in the ground and on the windows are symbols of the trinity, as well as the sprout of life, from which the tree of life will grow. That is a symbol of the birth of the new life. The circle is a symbol of the sun and the life itself. A dead seagull in the ground reminds us that everything in this life is cyclical. There is death, but life goes on.

Creativity is a field of activity where I can speak out and be heard, not by everyone, of course, selectively, but by those people who will respond to my work and discover something new in themselves. They may feel something that they have not experienced before, and it’s worth it. And for the sake of such moments I create. — Svitlana Zadiraka

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Svitlana Zadiraka was born in 1986 in the small town of Vilkovo to the south of Ukraine. Her artworks — portraits, abstractions, murals, digital illustrations. In order to achieve the required effects or expressiveness of the image, she uses different materials. The artworks of Zadiraka are filled with feelings and meanings.
— Art School named after Kostandi (2010).
— South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University of Ushynsky (Faculty of Art and Graphics, fine art, arts and crafts specialisation (2016)

Born1986CityOdesaCatalogUART 2022Date of signingJune, 2022

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