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An artistic person-creating visual poetry. Bachelor of Fine Arts, who instead of words expresses herself in her paintings, photographs, graphics and collages, ink stains and scratches.

Born1984City?CatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Transformation of reality

    The presented art photographs are self-portraits and objects found by me, which are found in nature and everyday life. I create visual poetry. photos speaks to me with ink stains and scratches. I shoot intuitively, spontaneously. It is a rush, a stimulus of feelings. This is the impulse of the subconscious. The original desire of man to create, to preserve. Prove your existence. Self-knowledge of the spirit and way of life became my inner nature. I pose for myself, seeing in self-portraits the transformation of my own life into a work of art. The world around us is turning into art, I am paving the way to the original …

    Photos from the series represent a modern myth, frozen moments of transformation of reality into a mythological space. Photography is my way of realizing mythological consciousness. Revealed forms retain elements of logical thinking.

    Working on images, I conduct an intuitive study of the environment and my inner world, build and strengthen the connection of worlds, reveal their unity. Deep and expressive graphic means reveal the secret of transforming the visual experience of photography into a spiritual one.


    The relevance of my work is that now on the planet there is a struggle between good and evil. I believe that when a person wins his internal battle, he will be born – all humanity will have a chance to survive. Absolute value – human life – loses its meaning. It can’t go on forever. I will fight for the value of life.

    Yulia Shibirkina

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