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I have been doing collage since 2006.

2005-2011 MGUTU
Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) Master interior (M.Inter.)
2011-2013 British higher school of art & design
Interactive and new media, Interactive/ art direction

Born19xxCity?CatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Artist Statement

    Everyone can find something for himself in the collage technique. I believe that the collage technique exists in magic and mystical world, the world of nonexistent heroes, landscapes and universes. They are dreams and you can save these dreams.

    All my artworks consist of social stories and they are intended to touch the viewers’ hearts and minds. I usually connect children’s books, old and new magazines. And all this work makes me calm and confident, it helps me to concentrate and make a decision which elements I should connect to show my viewers the idea of my artworks.

    Sometimes it takes you a long time to find a suitable material, you cut right figures and sometimes you don’t understand the whole picture. And then – bang! – there’s a real collage magic!

    Shadow – 21x16cm

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