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Maxim was born with pencils in his hand. Artwork has been appearing since the age of two, and the first orders are in the third grade, painting school grounds for the first call for chocolates. Attended 11 years of artistic academic education.

One of the founders of the group Veteris Family (@vetetis_family).

He collaborates with the «First NFT Agency», where he works on large-scale projects in the crypto field, and he has a project there- “monkeys in the concrete jungle” which is directly related to his offline work. Has regular exhibitions and awards.

Born199xCityKyivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


2020 Personal exhibition at the art bar “Vagabond” in Kyiv
2021 collective exhibition in the gallery “White World” in Kyiv
2020 Chernihiv “Plast Art” gallery collective exhibition “Not ideal art”
2021 Kyiv co-working space “Peremoga” collective exhibition “The sky above us”
2021 Kyiv co-working space “Peremoga” collective exhibition “Gold Hour”
2021 Kyiv exhibition of works at the “Courage” bazaar
2021 collective exhibition at the NFT United People sixth event in Kyiv
In 2021, it was printed in PLAYBOY magazine in the Art section.
2021, Kyiv, exhibition on the birthday “Courage” 10.16-17.10
2022, Kyiv, exhibition “Path to Change”

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    I’m afraid to live boringly

    The works are imbued with ironic insults to society and love of life, because the motto of life is “I’m afraid to live boringly”, which can be seen in his works and his way of life.

    “On February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukrainian soil, thinking that they would be greeted with flowers, but instead of flowers they received Molotov cocktails and fierce rebuff. Every Ukrainian is leading his front against this horde. We have become more united than ever.”

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