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Is there any option except suicide?

This series of works is devoted to the topic of child suicide. This problem was relevant before Russian-Ukrainian war, so as now when Russian military is raping and torturing kids, kill their parents, making children homeless and orphans. Is there a great choice for children who have managed to survive?

Anastasia Dzyba — Destroyed life (2022)
Anastasia Dzyba — Is There Any Option Except Suicide? (2022)

Childhood victims will have to carry through their life this unbearable burden of relatives tortures, brutal murders, rape and other atrocities. What will clear this terrible experience from the mind of survivors?

When I was creating this work, I didn’t know yet that even worse things would be waiting for us in Bucha: not single, but mass murders, tortures, rapes. The peculiarity of this work is the image of each person, building and equipment real photos were taken as a basis.

Anastasia Dzyba — They Killed Everyone Around Me (2022)
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Anastasia Dzyba is the Ukrainian artist born in Uman in 2000, lived in Kyiv and Lviv. Educated in National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture (scenography department) in 2021. She’s a 2d artist with plenty of soft and hard skills such as CG drawing, drawing, storyboarding, concept art, human anatomy knowledge and other.

Anastasia takes part in all-Ukrainian competitions since 2013, art exhibitions since 2014 (Chocolate house, Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, etc), volunteering with children from dysfunctional families and orphanages from Donetsk and Lygansk regions (2017, Carpathians), volunteering as an artist, wall painter in orphanages for disable children (2019, 2020, Kyiv), youth leader in Christian church (2021-2022, Kyiv).

Born2000CityUmanCatalogUART 2022Date of signingJune, 2022

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