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A bright series of paintings broadcasts happiness, a way out of a depressed state, to a life of joy. The picture turns the viewer 180 degrees with his back to despair. You can see brown and black tones, but you should see the light around you.

Look in the mirror, smile, and understand that the best life is ahead. You need to support yourself and appreciate the people around you. Then they will also switch to the side of light.

Darya wanted to infuse her work with the positivity she believes in. It turned out eloquent.

«With each picture, I live another life. I follow the picture; it leads me. It tells which paint to take and which layers to apply. Then the work breathes, the heart of the painting begins to beat,» says Darya.

Darya Nakvakina
«Love is the highest and ultimate goal that a person can aspire to. The salvation of man lies in love and is achieved through love.»

The artist was born on January 10, 1986, in Chornomorsk. The girl had been fond of drawing since childhood, but she did not find a common language with the teacher during the lessons at the art school. The woman demanded that the future artist follow the rules.

«I deliberately violated the laws of art, painted pink horses, deformed faces… my imagination could not withstand the framework in which they wanted to confine me. I was disappointed and left this for almost 25 years.»

The path was confusing, but it still led to the starting point. At first, the artist received higher education at the Faculty of Economics and Law, but in the second year, she realized creativity won. Now she paints every emotion that is easy to read in her fantastic works. More about Darya Nakvakina on her personal page.

Darya Nakvakina — Lucidity
acrylic on cardboard

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