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Françoise Oz and Bohdan Perevertun have been working together for many years as artists and designers. Together they develop the brand of accessories FRANCOISE OZ. Participants of the TOP10 young artists of Odessa, participants of group and solo projects at many large Ukrainian art sites.

Born19ххCityKyivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Conception at the first sight

    Our art is called social not only by content but also by its structure. It is born in mutual communication. Each of us has individual projects, but the connection can be surely traced. We are engaged in working together. So ideas are transformed, changed and become perfect. As may happen in the process of communication, the original idea turning into something radically new. It’s like a game where we make the rules by ourselves. We enrich each other through our cooperation.

    Francoise Oz & Bohdan Perevertun

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