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Mariya Zhuravel is Ukrainian illustrator, who lives in Kiev. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Mariya studied illustration at Projector Creative & Tech Institute. She works with clients in Media, Editorial and personal projects. Mrs. Zhuravel specializes in both digital and traditional techniques.

Born19xxCityKyivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Illustration is my brightest language

    I decided to document the emotions, meanings, thoughts, observed moments – as soon as an idea or feeling arises.  I think it is important to reflect on these things during the war.  So I’m documenting something deeper than the facts about the event.  I express what I feel deep in my soul as I watch or observe these things. I can’t express many things in words – illustration is my brightest language.

    Maria Zhuravel aka Zhuravka_
    I drew it in the morning of 24th of February, right after the first rocket attack on Kyiv.  My heart was pounding in my chest.  Immediately after I finished packing my backpack in agitation I sat down to draw what I felt.

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