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Works in the field of monumental and easel painting, graphics, sacred painting and icon painting.

Permanent participant of All-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions since 1999.

The works are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Poland, Germany, Iceland.

Born1976City?CatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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    Day and night as the cycle of our life, which goes in an ascending spiral. A feather is a symbol of pureness and rebirth, dream and lightness. In this cycle of life, the most valuable symbol for a person gets passed from one to another.

    Day and night – 36х44cm – wood,gesso,oil – 2012


    I tried to bring back to light the hidden truth of a person, a thing, a phenomenon. Allegory was the key element to the baroque visual language, and I tried to study how it is possible to go beyond the constraints of the natural world with the help of certain tricks, dramatic pathos and illusions, on the one hand, and extreme enlargement, internalizing, alienation and disfigurement of reality, on the other.

    About “Golden Shower, the Sky, the Whisper”

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