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Master of digital illustrations

She lives and work in Lviv (before the war) as an illustrator mostly for children’s books. After graduating at the Lviv Academy of Arts of the Department of Monumental Painting, Oksana attracted to create own worlds in illustrations and live there for a while when painting. And she living so for 8 years. Oksana is attracted by visual poetry also. When the war started, she realized that she could not be silent and decided to tell the world about the horrors of the war in Ukraine through illustration, because it is a visual language that everyone understands.

Participation in the collective exhibition

2015 “Alphabetical kindom” in Kyiv
2016 International design festival “Cow” in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
2016 “Illustart” in Odesa, Ukraine.
2016 “The book alive” (exhibition of book design) in Warsaw, Poland
2017 “Art now” in Crakow, Poland
2017 “Poetry poster” in Lviv Book Fair
2018 “Coming soon” in Kyiv Book Arsenal
2018 “Cheers” in Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 Multimedia project “Rutenia” An animated alphabet of Vasiky Chebanyk in Kyiv, Book Arsenal

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Oksana is young ukrainian digital artist. She creates posters and simple images with deep sense and emotions inside.

She educated design at the Vyzhnytsia college of Applied Arts for Design in 2004-2008, and fine arts at the Department, Lviv National Academy of Arts in 2009-2014.

Also she had an scolarship experience at “Gaude Polonia” Scholarship Programme (organized by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2016 and in “SAIA” Scholarship Programme ( National scholarship Program of Slovak Republic) in 2017.

Oksana had participation in many workshops and plein-airs with Serhii Maidykov (Ukraine), Ilona Polanski (Czech Republic), Otar Koralashvili (Georgia), Kitty Kahane (Gemany) and more.

Born19xxCityLvivCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022

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