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The play of light creates the illusion that the cherry blossom is not white but blue-violet. Deception of consciousness resets the brain. It knows what the actual flowers are, but in a moment, he lets go of the thought and enjoys it. Warm sunlight found a new shelter among the branches, with smooth lines and feeling like you were in the middle of a garden.

Tanbelia found inspiration in a small village… A full-scale war was in full swing, and the daily news was depressing. So, the artist discovered an affordable way to distract herself — every evening, she walked among houses and looked at gardens and farms.

Beside the cottage cherry-trees are swinging,
Above the cherries may-bugs winging,
Ploughmen with their ploughs are homeward heading,
And lassies as they pass are singing,

While mothers wait with supper ready.

Once she saw a cherry tree in the middle of the street. She immediately remembered Shevchenko’s famous poetry and was surprised at how abundant the flowers were. The contrast hit the target — there’s a war, horror, darkness, and dirt somewhere. But here, there’s beauty, silence, and peace.

The human race is worth nothing to nature. She, like a wise old man, observes and wonders. Nature doesn’t need power; it doesn’t need to own the world. It is the world. The rest is just dust. Because spring will come, and everything will bloom again despite this all.

Rivne province

Tanbelia is a Ukrainian artist working with the subjects of nature and the environment. She uses the author’s techniques and reused materials to create unique art objects in her work.

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57x38 cm

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