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    Art for Sale

    Check out the artworks by young and highly talented contemporary Ukrainian artists.

    Modern art in pictures

    Ukrainian painters create artwork of incredible beauty, which accurately conveys the authors’ ideas. The UART gallery site offers many options for canvas art; you can easily choose the appropriate one -—people, nature, patriotic images, abstract, symbolic, landscape, graphic and more.

    Abstract paintings are becoming more and more popular. They seem incomprehensible to some people because they differ from classic paintings resembling photos. But modern art is developing very fast, and original pictures in bright colors have deep meaning.

    Art for sale by Ukrainian artists

    The gallery offers the best artwork of famous Ukrainian artists. Many of the paintings represent a symbolic meaning, landscapes, abstract paintings, Ukrainian ethnical art, and many more. Here are oil paintings, acrylic, graphic, and mixed media artworks. The artists accurately reproduce every element of the picture and depict the author’s mood. The price of each picture is specified in the catalog. Please contact us in the form on every artwork page.

    How to order a painting?
    Please fill out the form that you’ll find on each art sale page, and we will answer you the same day.

    Are there any exhibitions of paintings?
    Yes, we organize exhibitions in different cities and countries. Please check out our news section to learn more about past events and schedule where you can see the masterpieces in person and buy a painting directly at the show.

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