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Her gaze pierces the body and has a concentrated power that you can feel through the paint and canvas. A village woman holds a rooster… In fact, in her weak but brave hands, the whole essence of our people is concentrated. He will keep and care for the bird symbolizing Ukraine until the end, even if you run out of strength.

Black and white tones are a projection of the past onto the present. Yes, we must live, but remember the value of each new day. Rough facial features are not about rage. And instead, it is about a problematic fate and self-sufficiency that does not give peace to the enemy. The lowered corners of the lips, a calm mood, and a somewhat tired face broadcast — she will not offend, but he will not give his own!

Big red letters are behind the woman. She covered them with her body as if she once again protected them from evil. The Ukrainian people experienced many terrible periods but never betrayed themselves — they always held a priceless bird in their hands!

Diana Ruban
Diana is a contemporary artist working on pictures, accessories, and clothes.

Artist Diana Ruban was born on January 23, 1999, in Kremenchuk, Poltava Region. When the girl saw her father draw, she fell in love with art. Since then, brushes and paints have become a part of her life.

Diana is sure that art is a feeling. Every time she immerses herself, studies emotions, and tries to catch the moment. The artist’s philosophy is visible when you look at her paintings — they make you slow down, feel the mood and see the depth.

Before the full-scale war, the artist held creative master classes. Since Diana not only paints but also creates accessories and clothes, she has a lot to share. In addition, she participated in online competitions. She presented her painting «Girl in a Cap» in Montenegro and the «Ukraine» painting at the Art for Peace exhibition in Texas.

You can see Diana Ruban’s works on our website — they will amaze you. Learn more on Diana Ruban personal page.

acrylic, canvas
50x70 cm

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