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Being an artist was inevitable — She was conceived by two students of the Grekov’s school, during the summer holidays, in August 1980. Her mother defended her diploma with her in the womb. Born in May 1981, she knew she would be into art.

Lena’s aesthetic preferences are shaped by several factors: the city where she was born — Zaporizhzhia — industrial, growing up in Odessa – it shaped her as an artist. Two completely different places, each is beautiful in its own way. In Zaporizhzhia, a love for Soviet monumental architecture was formed, in Odessa — unique atmosphere & Europeian-style architecture.

Born1981CityZaporizhzhiaCatalogUART 2022Date of signingMarch, 2022


2022 Group exhibition “Sections of Life”, Kyiv, Mytets Gallery

2022 Group exhibition “Thing from Inner Space”, Institute of Problems of Contemporary Art, curator Victoria Burlaka

2021 Group exhibition “Transformation”, Modi gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, curator Olga Drozd

2021 Swiss Art Expo, as part of the Art Box Project

2020 Swiss Art Expo, as part of the Art Box Project

2011 Group photo exhibition Vernatun Gallery, Odessa

Curatorial activity 

2020 Conducting a project to create and install a sculptural composition “Voice of Odessa” on Deribasovskaya Street, Odesa

2013 Organization of the posthumous exhibition of paintings by Arsen Chelidze, Korobchinsky Art Center, Odesa

2011 Organization of a group photo exhibition, Vernatun Gallery, Odessa

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    To be or to give up?

    In the age of social networks, when the main question is – to be or to give up? – I would like to make a person think and feel. Perhaps this is the most difficult, but the most important mission of the artist. Literally on a physiological level, I feel the ulcers of modern society and try to show this drama in my works.

    Since the beginning of progress, we have been slowly and confidently engaged in self-destruction and the destruction of the planet on which we live, showing our consumer attitude.  Innocent scientific discoveries are turning into marketing tricks that have wild consequences for humanity. We can find destructive uses and ways to enrich ourselves by cynically manipulating good intentions.

    I am a cosmopolitan and problems such as slave labor in third world countries, poverty and disease, which for many is an abstraction, are quite urgent for me. I think the artist needs to talk about this with the viewer with the help of his unique artistic language.

    Recently, a video appeared on the Internet showing the engine blades spinning in a bombed-out Dream and information that the engines have started.  Skeptics say this is impossible and the blades move through air currents.  I still want to believe that they have started.  And what will happen to Ukraine in the same way.  This is our Unbreakable Dream.

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